Aussteller: Westport Fuel Systems

H2 HPDITM Fuel System

Produktname/ product name:
H2 HPDITM Fuel System

Leistung / Performance:
Up to 20% more power than diesel

Einsatzgebiete, -felder / applications, area and fields:
Heavy duty commercial vehicles (regional and long haul)
High horsepower applications (mining, rail)

Kundennutzen / customer benefit:
Up to 15% more torque than diesel
Up to 10% more efficiency than diesel
Continuity with engine architecture
Commonality with existing engine manufacturing assets
Low cost CO2 abatement

Zielmarkt / target market:
Europe, Asia, America

CO2 Einsparpotential durch Wasserstoffmotor / CO2 saving potential through hydrogen engine:
Near Zero CO2 emissions